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Author Topic: I need an arthrofibrosis specialist!  (Read 655 times)

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I need an arthrofibrosis specialist!
« on: December 05, 2011, 05:13:59 AM »
I originally tore my ACL, MCL and lat. meniscus in my left knee in 6/2011.  The ACL was completely gone and my meniscus was a bucket handle tear.  The Dr. was pretty concerned about saving my meniscus so I went in for surgery two weeks after the injury. I had little to no knowledge about what was going on other than what the dr. told me so I didn't have any oppositions.  My knee was in a locked brace prior to the surgery.  There was still a substantial amount of swelling at the time and I definitely was nowhere near full range of motion. 

For my ACLr they used a semitendinosus/gracilis graft and were able to salvage my meniscus.  I started therapy the next day, 5x a week for 2 weeks and then 3x a week.  I was non weight bearing for 4 weeks, partial weight bearing from 4-6, and then full beginning at 6 weeks.  During this time, my pt did not focus much on extension and after a month my active ROM could not exceed 68 degrees so the Dr. performed a MUA exactly one month after the first surgery.  After the MUA I was back to 5x a week for therapy.  My ROM improved significantly in the first week and then went completely downhill after that setting around 80 degrees actively.  At this time I switched to a new PT who focused significantly on strengthening my leg and improving flexion. My passive flexion did not improve much but after a month the pt was able to push (and it was not easy... he'd never had to push so hard before) me to 120 degrees actively.

Once again because of school I had to switch PT's and Dr.'s again.  This new PT noticed I was sitting at 15-20 degrees of extension - severely impairing my ability to walk normally, my patella was completely fused, and my quad was extremely atrophied.  By mid-september, my  situation had not improved much and the Dr. suggested another surgery removing the scar tissue.   He said it was the worst case of AF he'd ever seen, but the graft and everything else seemed to be doing well.  They also performed another manipulation at the time of the surgery.  They sent me home with a CPM and a progressively intensive PT program.  My extension was immediately better post op.  Long story short.... my knee was better post op, but now I've lost some of that extension to where my ROM averages from 7-10 (extension) to 80-low 90s (flexion).  My patella moves up and down okay, but barely side to side and my muscle strength has increased.  Other than that I used the CPM for six weeks without much gain, I spend around 6-7 hours a day doing therapy between home therapy and at the Physical therapy place.  When I go in for therapy (3x a week) I'm there for about 3.5 hours.  I've also been using a dynamic flexion brace for the past month, without much success.  I still cannot walk normally, nothing seems to be working normally. I've had cortisone shots to help and that finally helped the swelling and temperature in my knee go down, but about a week ago the swelling came back and now I have an odd bump on my knee that stick out every time I flex my quad and I know a new area of scar tissue has formed.  The insurance is refusing to cover any more therapy and we have no idea what else to do. We're trying everything and as a college student I need to start getting better.

I need recommendations for arthrofibrosis specialists in Utah or nearby surrounding areas to see if they can offer anything better.

Thanks so much!