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Author Topic: Inside of the Patella fractures led to cartilage destruction  (Read 676 times)

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Inside of the Patella fractures led to cartilage destruction
« on: December 04, 2011, 09:36:51 PM »
I fell onto my knee cap on hard tile, and after two X-Rays, and an MRI, my ortho told me I only had a partial meniscal fray to keep up with the physical therapy.  After telling my pt several times that something else was wrong, and noting the increase in my pain, they finally performed arthroscopic surgery, only to find that I had fractured several pieces of the inside of my patella, and at almost five months after the initial injury, my cartilage was destroyed.  That was last November, as the pain continued to worsen, and another round of physical therapy, then more steroid injections, then syn visc injections (both with having so little effect that the injection itself didn't even numb the pain), and another arthroscopic surgery, I now am pretty much bone on bone.  It's incredibly hard to imagine that 18 months ago, I had never had knee pain.  Now they are saying that pretty much the only answer at this point is a full knee replacement, but that I should "try" and put that off as long as possible. 

Any advice, words of encouragement??

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Re: Inside of the Patella fractures led to cartilage destruction
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2011, 10:00:54 PM »
If it is *just* the patella and its opposing surface that are bone on bone due to a trauma you may be a candidate for a partial replacement a PFJR - patello femoral joint replacement. Have a look down in the PF section of the board for people who might have first hand advice. Where in the world are you located? Physio can help with this kind of pain, but if you are truly down to nothing on both side of the joint you might have to consider bionic parts. A partial PFJR is less invasive than a full TKR especially if your other joint compartments are in good order - I am assuming they are from what you've said? You need a PF specialist who can advise you of full options. Check out diaries by Snorunner and KW as successful PF people who've had them at early age.

good luck,

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