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Author Topic: Can anyone help??  (Read 1689 times)

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Can anyone help??
« on: November 30, 2011, 02:48:44 PM »
Hello there,

I was injured back in July due to rugby. Had an MRI and was told the following by the specialist .

Literally all post lateral corner
Bicep femoris
ITB Band
Peroneal nerve
Meniscus and capsular tears
Complete dislocation of knee ( unsurprising )

Been on crutches since , can weight bare to a certain extent but not much. Problems occur as I have alot of pain still, plus my knee tends to buckle outwards alot. Maybe this is due to major muscle groups now being weak from lack of exercise.

Just wanted to know if anyone has experienced similar injuries, or are still dealing with them. Looking to roughly look at rehab times, problems which you could ave in the future etc.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance


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Re: Can anyone help??
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2011, 03:13:18 PM »
Wow  .... OUCH

No I have not had an injury like yours.

As I think you have already accepted, the rehabilitation will take time ... the amount of time?  I'm sorry I really don't know , but I would be surprised if it was less than a year.

On a positive note, people have come back to activity after such injuries ... e.g. Shaun Livingston completely dislocated his knee and returned to basketball in the NBA ... here is his injury --- whoever is reading, don't watch this if you have a weak stomach ---  ... he injured practically every part of his knee ---

he returned to activity after about a year and a half -- in the NBA  ... his doctor was Dr. James Andrews --, there is a wikipedia article on him too ---

not saying Dr. Andrews is your answer, and of course the rehab is the first line of treatment .... might just be something to keep in mind if surgical intervention becomes necessary ... and there are a lot of great docs out there other than Dr. Andrews too
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Re: Can anyone help??
« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2011, 04:01:53 PM »
Just watched that video and my knee used to do that
I don't have knee caps now
They said it wud stop if I had them removed but no infact it worsened
I feel for you but generally after dislocation the option is surgery because of the damage it does to the rest of the knee
Gud luck I appreciate your frustration
H x
Long suffering hypermobile lady has had 73 ops to shoulders elbows knees and back mobile and worn .accepting of disability but not of immobility It's my battle and I want to win Knees : ttt , patellectomies,numerous Leeds keogh reconstructs, allograft x3 ,numerous scopes and debridments,nuromas etc

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Re: Can anyone help??
« Reply #3 on: November 30, 2011, 04:57:19 PM »
Dr Andrews is great but he is not taking on new knee patients anymore.

I have heard wonderful things about Dr. Dugas and Dr. Cain who both work alongside Dr. Andrews in Birmingham.
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Re: Can anyone help??
« Reply #4 on: December 05, 2011, 01:54:14 AM »
If your PCL is torn, stretched or ruptured it usually doesn't fix itself with rehab. If your knee gives way outwards this is probably due to your PCL being damaged. Out of all your injuries I would say that our PCL is probably the worst. I reckon you are looking at years to fix this lot. Don't want to scare you but I found there was nothing worse than not knowing what to expect.
I can recommend Professor Barrett at Spire hospital in Southampton. He is one of the best in the UK and is worth the travel.
Like you, I had extensive knee injury and ended up having a total knee replacement two months ago. Your injuries are too serious just to be sent home on crutches.

You need to see a knee specialist urgently.

Good luck,