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Author Topic: PKR now arthritis in other compartments  (Read 3165 times)

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PKR now arthritis in other compartments
« on: November 22, 2011, 11:33:55 AM »
I had a lateral PKR almost 4 years ago at 25 (due to dislocations starting at 3 months of age) and from the very beginning it seemed something wasn't right.  I had pain really bad for about a year and a half post op and then it seemed to get really good and I was really happy.  However, about 6 months ago I noticed a grinding sensation in the knee but it did not hurt, then about 1 month ago the pain started and it seems it has gotten much worse pretty quickly!  So, I went to my rheumatologist not the OS and he ordered x-rays and now it seems I have arthritis in the patellofemoral joint as well as the medial compartment.  I am upset because this PKR was supposed to last me a while (so I was told) and now I am back in pain!  My rheumatologist had said that when the other compartments fail it could be an alignment problem or maybe the parts aren't in properly.  I am not overweight, I eat very healthy and exercise about 3 days a week, so I am trying to do the right things!  Has this happened to anybody else before?  I just feel nervous about the whole situation and not sure what the future of this PKR holds, ugh.