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Author Topic: Vastus Lateralis/Iliotibial Band Injury ??  (Read 665 times)

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Vastus Lateralis/Iliotibial Band Injury ??
« on: November 20, 2011, 07:34:38 PM »
Hi all
Its been a while since I've been on here. Still having problems with my knee/leg. Was hoping someone would recognise my symptoms and shed some light on it for me.
Jan 2009 fell over on ice/snow and felt something go 'ping' on my leg just above my knee but to the lateral side. After numerous physio appointments/ steroid injections I get referred to see Ortho Consultant. 1 MRI on my knee later it is discovered I have torn lateral Meniscus and cyst so that was operated on November last year. I was hoping that would sort the problem out.......but no  :(   
I'm still experiencing a lot of pain in the area that went 'ping' in the intial fall. I've been back to my GP who just keeps prescribing Co-codamol and Diclofenac oh and a few sessions of Accupuncture. I have a 'bump' in that area and since the fall its been really tender. Another symptom I get is like a burning sensation and it feels like its contracting....not sure if that makes any sense  :P Some nights I can't lay on that side due to the pain of weight being on it.

please please please does anyone have any ideas of what could be wrong?, after nearly 3 years I've had enough.
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