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Author Topic: Complex Meniscus Tear, Bakers Cyst, Knee Joint Degeneration  (Read 1000 times)

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Complex Meniscus Tear, Bakers Cyst, Knee Joint Degeneration
« on: November 20, 2011, 10:40:14 PM »
Hi all, great website!
Saw the surgeon and thought he would immediately want to do arthroscopic surgery on my painful meniscus tear. He did an MRI and an xray which showed complex meniscus tear (actually a shredded meniscus in Drs words ), bakers cyst, effusion and knee joint degeneration. But this came on very suddenly and the pain is mainly on the inside of the knee where the shin meets the knee so I'm sure most my problem is the meniscus tear.  However, the surgeon said he had just had meniscus surgery and he felt that I would likely have just as much pain after surgery.  That was a surprise!  He suggested I wait another year for Medicare as I am now 63 and just get the $1300.00 Synvisc injection in the meantime.
Here is where I am confused.  I do not, nor ever have had a pain in my knee until I tore the meniscus coming down my stairs. From what I understand the Synvisc rooster comb injections are a synovial type fluid for knee joint degeneration and not really for meniscal tears. Or are they? Maybe he just stressed the knee joint problem so insurance would cover the SYNVISC.  I hear they do not cover that treatment for meniscus tears. Maybe I need a second opinion.  Any thoughts out there?