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Author Topic: Need help interpreting an MRI  (Read 715 times)

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Need help interpreting an MRI
« on: November 18, 2011, 12:25:04 AM »
I have follow up appt with my ortho next week, but just picked up my mri report and was hoping for some help in translating this into english...

I am a otherwise healthy, active (not overweight) 40 year old.  I played soccer for most of my life including two years in college.  I have a history of knee trauma...specifically dislocations and a lateral release surgery in 1988 while in high school.  I currently receive synvisc injections (have done two rounds), and have orthodic inserts for flat feet.  I reinjured it about 5 weeks ago while doing brazilian jiu jitsu which is what prompted this mri

The summary is:
1. moderate effusion
2. prominent chondromalacia patella involving the lateral facet as well as the lateral portion of the trochlea
3. Prominate tricompartmental osteophytes as well as marrow edema in the medial tibial plateau
4. suspect posterior horn medial meniscal tear give the amount of degenerative internal signal of the posterior horn.

The findings also had the terms "full thickness cartilage loss", "I suspect this touches the undersurface", and "the lateral meniscus is grossly intact".

The only good news is that my ligaments are intact. I'm trying to get an idea of how bad it is prior to my appt.  Any ideas or interpretations???  Thanks for any and all input!
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Re: Need help interpreting an MRI
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2011, 05:18:08 AM »
sounds to me like there's some meniscus thinning that's arthritic in nature along with the osteophytes  which translate to bone spurs - also arthritis - and you've got what sounds like a medial meniscus tear in the back portion of your medial meniscus.

I bet the doc will want to do a scope and possibly trim up the bone spurs if they mess with joint motion, trim up or repair the meniscus tear, whichever he can do, and do whatever else possible to clean up the damage in there to the articular surfaces as well as possible. I'm sure your doc will go over whatever treatment options that they think will be the best to deal with what you've got going on, and to try and deal with it all at once, if possible.

I'd expect to be on crutches a couple weeks, if I were you, once you have the surgery, it may take a bit to mend after having that cleaned up.
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