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Author Topic: California Stem Cell Treatment Center  (Read 3018 times)

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California Stem Cell Treatment Center
« on: August 21, 2011, 07:02:02 AM »
Has anyone heard of them?  I recently spoke with their Medical Director, Dr. Elliot B. Lander.  I've been trying to do as much research as possible in regard to stem cell treatment for articular cartilage damage and in doing so, I came across this center. 

In speaking with him, I asked the difference between his procedures and those of Regenexx.  He simply stated that while Regenexx used mostly bone marrow for their stem cells, his center preferred to use cells from adipose tissue taken from liposuction.  I asked if bone marrow was a better source for trying to replicate cartilage and he contended that they've been receiving good results from their procedure.  In addition, while he said that he respected the Regenexx MD's and held their group as a model for his center's practice, he differed in opinion on the use of fat stem cells to regenerate cartilage.

In any event, I was curious as to anyone's thoughts on the firm itself.  The price that I was quoted for injections to both knees was about $8900. 

Other options that I'm looking into are The Stone Clinic's procedures, as well as Regenexx.  The one good thing about The Stone Clinic is that, while he is an out-of-network provider, my insurance (Kaiser) is said to reimburse for his procedures.