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Author Topic: Pain on 'good' leg after arthroscopy  (Read 769 times)

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Pain on 'good' leg after arthroscopy
« on: November 15, 2011, 12:54:41 AM »
Hi everyone

Firstly, I wanted to say it’s great to have a community like this.  I just regret not finding it earlier.  Secondly I am rather sorry about the length of the thread.

I recently had a knee arthroscopy to my left knee three weeks ago.  The meniscus was repaired and the surgeon was happy with the results.  I believe he had to remove / shave the torn bits and progress has been steady with a slight limp and swelling remaining.  Basically, it looks encouraging and I am returning to normal.  The ligaments were in healthy condition and only the meniscus required attention.  When I originally incurred the injured, only my left side was involved (a soccer injury [just me and the ball] no external force involved).

However I have recently started to develop pain and discomfort on the right side.  It mainly comes when I have to ascend and descend the stairs as I do this ‘good’ leg first ascending and ‘good’ leg second descending.  However, I returned from my physio today and among the new exercises were lunges (no weights).  I did the new programme for the first time at home in the evening and – when doing the lunges – this exercise was uncomfortable on both sides but what struck me most was the pain and discomfort on the right side, around the knee.  I am not entirely sure if this is the muscle or knee (not that I am in denial) but the quad region was very tight after and I have been told several times that my right quad is unusually tight.  There is a dull ache but nothing that restricts the movement of the knee or induces further pain.  I also remember some pain on the right side before surgery, when I was trying to cycle (though it had been 9 months since id done any cycling).

I should point out that I waited nearly 10 months to have the operation as I was abroad and didn’t want to have it until I returned home (to the UK); that is I injured it on the 30th November 2010.

I am wondering whether the ache on the right side is the result of overloading on my ‘good’ side to compensate for the injured knee or whether it might be more cartilage issues.  My surgeon said that one-in-four cases require a second operation and its almost always a cartilage issue (not ligaments).

I am willing to have the second operation but am worried about the long term effects.  What should be my next steps?  I will ring my physio in the morning for some advice.

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Re: Pain on 'good' leg after arthroscopy
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2011, 01:21:20 AM »
I just found this board as well.

Well I think it is just the extra strain your "good" knee is having to take on.  My left knee is my bad knee as well, and after I injured it a few weeks ago I have noticed I am having some mild pain in my right knee which, I'm sure is because I'm using that leg to support the weight I can't shift to the left leg.

 I had arthroscopy done to my knee a few years back and honestly can't say it helped much.  Basically just shaved some frayed cartilage off and that was it.  Now that I have read more about knee problems, there are quite a few articles from orthopedists that say they don't recommend removing any cartilage in the knee since you need it for cushioning and your body can't make more of it, so it is best to leave it there even if it is not in the best who knows.  ::)