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Author Topic: Can you help me figure out what is wrong with my knee?  (Read 707 times)

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Can you help me figure out what is wrong with my knee?
« on: November 14, 2011, 04:37:13 PM »
Hello Kneegeeks forum folks,

I am an active 31F and I recently took up roller derby and, shockingly, I may have injured my knee.  It all started ~4 weeks ago.  We were practicing knee falls in class and I landed hard when practicing a double knee fall.  Watch this video( for a description of a double knee fall, it starts at about 0:24.  In the video, the girl is performing it from a stopped position and we were practicing from moving.  Anyway, I landed hard and directly on my right knee, it was a straight impact, no twisting involved).  My cheap knee pads did not help at all, I now have good ones on order.  Initially, there was no bruising and only very minor swelling, as in, only I could notice swelling after much analyzing and comparing my knees.  It was tender to the touch but otherwise did not restrict me at all.  The tender area is at the front and front-lateral (more front than lateral) just below the kneecap.  Anyway, since it didn't hurt to move or use my knee as long as I didn't touch or kneel on it, I kept up my regular workout routine, which includes derby practice, kickboxing and boot camp type classes.  These workouts don't seem to hurt it.  The tenderness is still present but on the decline, occasionally, when I bend my knee I get a sensation that feels like like I an ripping a scab in the front right of my knee.  Nothing painful, just a pulling tearing sensation, no swelling, discomfort or pain, it just feels weird.  Anyway, 4 weeks pass, the knee is still tender but not interfering with me, so I go to a new gym in the area and step into a weight room for the first time in 6 months (I used to weight lift quite a bit the last couple of years but for a variety of reasons I haven't in the last 6 months).  Anyway, I did some exercises on the weight machines for legs and lower back etc... Nothing crazy, I made a point to not over do it because it was the first time in months.  Anyway, ever since, my knee has been screaming at me.  Five years ago, I injured this knee, a MCL tear and meniscus damage.  Due to very bad physio therapy what should have been a couple of week minor injury took ~9 months to get over.  Bad physio therapy led to patello-femoral syndrome (PFS) which took a lot of work and time to deal with.  Once resolved,  I had been fine ever since, I took up amateur kickboxing and weightlifting, no worries everything's fine.  Anyway, then I did this.  When I fell ~4 weeks ago, it felt nothing like my old injury and didn't affect movement so I didn't worry.  Anyway, since the gym yesterday, it feels something like the pain I had when I had the PFS.  I will be going to a doctor, likely tomorrow, if the pain does not subside, but I suspect she'll just say "oh your knee hurts, that sucks, here's a physio referral, they'll figure it out for you." But since my bad experience at physio I am reluctant to go and less likely to trust what they say.  So anyway, does anyone have any guesses as to what I did to my knee?

Thanks for reading.


TL,DR; I landed badly on right knee at roller derby practice 4 weeks ago, it was tender but not restricting movement. It was slowly getting better, so I did some weight lifting on it yesterday and it hurts more than ever.