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Author Topic: Please give feedback...Lateral menisectomy 14 months ago  (Read 685 times)

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Please give feedback...Lateral menisectomy 14 months ago
« on: November 09, 2011, 11:17:55 PM »
Hi Everyone,

I tore my lateral meniscus in the summer of 2010 playing basketball. I had 20% of the lateral meniscus debrided. In theory, it was a successful surgery..the lateral rim was preserved, the ligaments looked good, as did the cartilage etc. Ever since this procedure though, the pain has been much worse   :(, and getting worse all the time. I am not overweight, and I am in my late 30s.

I had a MRI in May, and while things looked pretty good, I now apparently have thinning and fissuring of the cartilage in the lateral compartment articular cartilage. This seems consistent with the pain I have been feeling. It feels like it is eminating from deep within the joint. It starts as soon as I start to walk around in the morning, and is often (but not always), made worse with activity. I don't run anymore, and I just do a little biking and weight lifting, but the pain is almost constant, some days reaching a 7 on the pain scale.

I have had two cortisone injections, the second of which gave me some relief for about 3 weeks. Because the cartilage doesn't look real bad on the MRI, my ortho thinks it could be an ITB issue, but I wholeheartedly don't believe this. I also had a series of 3 orthovisc injections which did nothing, which led him to believe it could be an ITB issue. However, I went to another ortho, and he explained to me how much harder it is to recover from a lateral menisectomy than it is from a medial one...this was something my first ortho never told me. The new ortho thinks it is indeed a cartilage and not an ITB issue. I had a XRAY with him last month, and I still have good joint space. My questions for you all are as follows, and I am desperate for feedback and help:

-Has anyone ever had a similar experience with their lateral meniscus?

-Has anyone ever had luck with a knee brace to unload pressure from the lateral compartment?

-What about orthotics?

-Can anyone think of any ways to minimize continued cartilage thinning and fissuring?

-Any other cutting edge procedures out there?

Please help!
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