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Author Topic: contralateral knee pain  (Read 1370 times)

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contralateral knee pain
« on: November 09, 2011, 07:08:39 PM »

I've been dealing with left patella instability for a while now ... and my right knee occasionally acts up due to favoring the left.

I can't quite get the right leg to settle down now.  some examples / scenarios and symptoms:

- when doing a 'basic bridging' excersize, like this - .. i feel tightness from the lateral / top side of the patella moving up towards the hips.  Also, I feel some irritation near the VMO / inner quads.

- when doing a movement such as 'good mornings' , e.g. , i am getting a feeling of instability near the medial hamstrings.  i don't actually do this exercise, but just the movement described causes the symptoms

during daily activity, i feel hesitation to twist / turn on the knee, and there is a feeling like my medial hamstrings, or perhaps medial side of the knee is being strained .. occasionally i will get a little pinching feeling at the medial hamstring, but it is very subtle

ideas?  any particular stretches or exercises?

i've had CT rotational studies done, which was for the left knee, but they did the right too ... nothing really abnormal there, and also had a right knee MRI which had no issues, all joint spaces, everything looked fine

i'm hoping once the left knee is fixed, have MPFL / LPFL reconstruction in january , that maybe i'll stop favoring the leg and this will settle down .... but somehow i feel like my right leg has been working the wrong way for such a long time (10 years of left knee problems) that maybe this is going to last longer term