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Author Topic: Bad Knees  (Read 750 times)

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Bad Knees
« on: November 09, 2011, 04:59:21 PM »
 I have toren my ACL in my right in in 87, had to have it redone in 2000, and then blew my left knee out in 09, due to a fall downstaris working a House fire. I have had shots in both knees alot, and after seeing my Family Dr. He said its time to see a Ortho Dr. The last Ortho Dr I saw said my knee's where shot, Iam only 52, But live with pain dailly. My wife will not let me sleep with her as I toss and turn all night because of the pain in both knee's. All the Ortho Dr.s I have seen tell me Iam bone on Bone, and my left knee they removed 70% of the Manisus sorry about the spelling. Iam tired of getting coradon shots and only working a short time, I also Have went through the sivis injection once a week, with no help. Whats do I do Now, I hate the Pain, and I still have several years to go befroe retirement, But I cannot live like this in constance pain, I have tried the Pain pill route and it helps for a short time, Iam about to pull my hair out. Please can some help me, I want to be active but can not this way, Iam missing out on alot of good times..