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Author Topic: Knee reconstruction  (Read 10026 times)

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Knee reconstruction
« on: November 03, 2011, 11:54:59 AM »
Hi everyone, im 17 and having alot of work done to my leg at the moment. I was pillion passenger in a motorbike accident, at the scene i severed my femoral atery, but luckily a vet had pulled over and tied a tourniquet (in this case a belt) around my thigh to help stop the bleeding. I lost all my skin over the anterior aspect of the knee, loss of the patella, tendon and distal quadriceps mechanism over the length of the skin defect, a significant part of the lateral femoral condyle and also the lateral articular surface of the tibial plateau, both cruciate ligaments and the lateral collateral ligament. I have had the soft tissue defect on my knee reconstructed with a very large anterolateral thigh section, which needed skin grafting of the donor site. Surgeons allowed the knee to stiffen in plaster then with a brace. But nearly 6 months after the accident i am now weight bearing and using crutches to help me 'walk'. Im now waiting to see another specialist who will tell me the next plan of action (weather to fuse it, leave it, or put a knee replacement in)  iv got to say though, i am very very greatful for what they've done for me no matter what the circumstances turn out to be. I feel so lucky to have met such amazing people, if it wasnt for them i probablly would have lost my leg. Found this forum really interesting, and would like to know if there was anybody else out there with similar injures to mine? Because i have been told its pretty mashed  ???
Thanks in advance for any replys or comments  :)

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Re: Knee reconstruction
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2011, 12:27:35 AM »
Poor you. I'm. Much older at 49. But also have a very smashed knee after motorbike crash. Dislocated tibia from femur, broke PCL and MCL, stretched ACL, smashed femur into many small pieces at back. Have had 2 big ops to try and reconstruct, but 9 months later I'm still in bad shape and can't walk. Hopefully you'll heal better being younger.