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Author Topic: ACL reconstruction FAILURE/REVISIONS. . . I want to hear about yours  (Read 592 times)

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Hi- I had an ACL reconstruction in September.  By October, I still had a lot of swelling, but it was organizing blood instead of joint fluid.  My surgeon went in to clean it out, but it turns out a screw was infected.  Worse, the ligament disintegrated, so basically, the whole thing was a failure.  He removed all the hardware and I still have no ACL; just pain and some hole in m knees.  I am sitting in the hospital waiting to find out what caused the infection and I feel pretty depressed I went through all that pain and physical therapy, plus time off work, for nothing.  I always feel better when I know I'm not alone.  Please share if you have a similar story and/or advicee.  Thanks
Complete ACL tears in both knees May 2011, plus meniscus tear in left
ACL allograft plus meniscus repair Sept. 14, 2011