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Author Topic: Ways of protecting 'good' knee during NWB crutch use  (Read 749 times)

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Ways of protecting 'good' knee during NWB crutch use
« on: October 18, 2011, 06:15:20 PM »
 One of the major featurs of MFX proedures is the need to be non weight bearing for an approx period of six weeks.

 Having used crutches before, I'm aware that  one of the dangers is damage to the 'good' leg/ knee which is working hard
 Can anyone suggest ways of trying to mimimise this?
 So far I've come up with:
 (i) use a Zimmer instead of forearm crutches?
(ii) use a small wheelchair to get round at home  home ( My home is all one storey and no internal steps or stiars so I can do this?
(ii)make sure triceps and biceps muscles are in as good a shape as possible
(iii) Make sure you've excercised pre-op so that all muscles supporting both knees are  as strong as you can make them
 (iv) BMI as low as possible ( should be general requirement before the procedure anyway)

(v) the one I know very little about- and I'm hoping somene can help me- is the use of a brace or support on the good knee. Has anyone done this and can they give me any info about makes/ models/ types etc and whether these have to be specifically fitted by the manufacturer or my physiotherapist. So far as I know, it should also be hinged because if it is straight leg then it is going to mess up the knee anyway because the biomechnics will be wrong. What I'm specifically wanting to know here is, is there a type of brace which will take pressure off the cartilages ( all of them, not just an offloader.) What I DON'T want to do is use a brace,  which is the wrong design or for the wrong purpose and alter the biomechnics of the knee and create whole lot of different problems

If there is anything I've forgotten, let let me know
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Re: Ways of protecting 'good' knee during NWB crutch use
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2011, 08:01:55 PM »
Hello Rupert ,
   I guess everyone's scenerio is different  , but you might want to look into a knee sock . They are made out of a neoprene like material that can have support bands or support bars inserted into them . The amount of movement allowed is all based on the supports inserted .  They are actually comfortable beleive it of not . I am in a immobilazation brace from my groin to my ankle for the next couple of weeks of so from surgery on my right knee . The biggest thing is to watch your surroundings as you walk and just take your time . As far as the wheel chair that will make life easy . I spent the first two weeks in mine for the most part . Just had a couple of doors I couldnt make it through .
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Wishing everyone a healthy speedy recovery and good luck to all...
Brian S