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Author Topic: Anesthesia  (Read 733 times)

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« on: October 17, 2011, 11:13:36 PM »
Hi my name is connor, ive already posted a couple times on this site

Im having microfracture surgery and im on a waiting list, could be any day now

im concerned about the anesthesia (again, i know ive already received alot of information on this)

Im going to have a Spinal Anesthesia for this, with minimal sedation so i can watch it on the monitor, and listen to my ipod(ive already talked to him about this)

has anyone had a spinal before? whats it like to be awake? is watching it on the monitor worth it even?



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Re: Anesthesia
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2011, 02:26:22 AM »
This may not be that relevant, but I had an epidural - the technical name for a spinal - when I had my son. They can give you medication so that you're mentally not quite "there" and just sorta drowsy, or can even put you out if things change and it's to your benefit for them to change what state of consciousness you're at.

SO, with that in mind, if you're okay with having the spinal, and decide to not even "watch" or pay attention to what they're doing to your knee, and just zone out to your tunes, then you oughta be fine. If you decide you're getting anxious or whatever, they can give you some sedation and put you in a "twilight" state where you're not unconscious, but don't give a crud what they're doing either....

In my opinion - whether watching your surgery is worth the bother is entirely up to you and whether or not you can disassociate what's on the screen from the reality that that's YOUR insides they're fixing, YOUR blood and bits, etc. Some people just can't get the mental distance, and seeing the gory stuff is just a bit much. Now if you're the type that actually LIKES watching tv shows like Trauma: Life in the ER, pr The Operation: _ and the real-life gore doesn't bother you when you see icky stuff - then by all means - go for it and watch. But, if you can't the sight when a bad cut bleeds all over... then you're better off getting knocked out.

I'm the one who forgoes going to the emergency room when I've slashed my fingers 1/8" deep and 1/2" long, and really ought to go have stitches, and go and use Dermabond and steri-strips and put my own hand back together.... after standing over the sink with blood pouring out of the cuts, pulling them apart to see how deep they really got to make sure nothing that really HAD to get stitched got cut (like a tendon).... before patching myself up. Watch my own surgery if they'd let me - not a problem. The doc would probably have me knocked out though to shut me up from asking too many questions about what he was doing!
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