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Author Topic: Help?  (Read 630 times)

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« on: November 13, 2011, 03:14:16 AM »
Im confused....i guess i could start tellin yins where this has started...a 2 yrs ago i fell up cement stairs (twice in a row) for the past 2 yrs my knee has been nothing but trouble. iv been to the emergancy room several times...all said i shouldn have pain that they see NOTHING doctor on the other hand sent me to physio they did absoultly NOTHING for me. ended in them tellin me they have done what they could for me yata yata i left it go for awhile...finally got to the point where i wouldn even get outta bed so i seen my family doctor again..she decided it was time for an MRI never seen me after that never discussed it with me jus called to tell me that i needed to go to pyshio again. so i spent 5 mnths at a differant pt an after 5 months of no change they said they were recomendin me to a ortho so i went he claims i have tilted knee syndrom..apparently born with it. an my injury made it unbarable...he claims before long the other knee will be jus as bad. hes convinced i need Lateral Release..but im confused to how for 2 yrs this wasnt picked up by doctors or the techs but he found it. idk what to say or only 19! i work 2 jobs ones at sheetz so im on my feet constantly any advice?

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Re: Help?
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2011, 02:40:02 PM »
Sorry to hear of your troubles.  If you aren't comfortable with the advice of your os get a second opinion.  I haven't had a lateral realease but read on here a lot of people have that might be of some help.
9/2010 fell broke nose and injured L knee
10/2010 MRI  negetive
1/21/2011 diagnostic arhtroscopy woke up with MFX
8/11/2011 new MRI showed failed MFX
9/1/2011 Biopsy for carticel
11/1/2011 ACI
5/31/12 scope and microfracture again 1/2 ACI failed
9/2/12 Scheduled OATS,Osteotomy