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Author Topic: knee'd your imput  (Read 964 times)

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knee'd your imput
« on: October 06, 2011, 04:38:52 AM »
This isn't my first post. I am quite sure others have suffer through the feeling that doctors are idiots but check this out.
In 08 had acl and meniscus work done. In 09 had had another scope to remove scar tissue and other things. Since then that doctor wanted to do a tkr so I got a second opinion. The second doc said no that i was suffering from AF. Insurance company said he could not do surgery that i had to go through network for surgery. So ok on third doc of 2011. This guy is very thorough since september I had ct scan, bone scan (which revealed possible infection) and now a white blood cell test (which is not fun).
 Still have 1 more set of scans on the white blood cell test.  doc #3 thinks it is a deep bone infection possibly. the bone scan lit up like a headlight in my knee, So thats why white blood cell test. I have to be patient but I wonder if this is an infection what causes it. Could it be the screws they used maybe a bad allograft acl. Why are we just getting to a point where this is just being looked at now. Most of all how do you go from osteoarthritis to arthrofibrosis to a deep bone infection when the issues have been the same since the first surgery. I can see how everybody gets frustrated with doctors

My doctor asked what he could do for me. At first I said there are a lot of potholes in front of my house that could use patching or just maybe fix my knee. Isnt that just more realalistic.

Does anybody here have the same problems If anybody has anymore ideas what else I can have checked to see if maybe there are other things going on
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Re: knee'd your imput
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2011, 02:30:06 AM »
As long as there is inflammation in the joint I would think it's possible that you could get an infection..
Have had tilted kneecaps for many years, and occasional patellar tendinitis.

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Re: knee'd your imput
« Reply #2 on: October 12, 2011, 10:36:00 AM »
Sorry I don't have any ideas what might be wrong but I know exactly what you mean about the doctors being idiots.

I went to the GP when at 14 with knee pain, she said it was growing pain (even though I hadn't grown in a year).  Later on I had physio exercises over the phone which were useless.  I then had proper physio, she referred me to surgeon #1 who said I needed a lateral release which would fix the maltracking (turns out it does nothing for that).  Surgeon #2 did the release, when I woke up I asked how it went and the nurses said they didn't know.  My post op appointment was a voicemail message.  When I rang to check they did the release on both knees as the bruising and bleeding was very different they also didn't know.  Did all the post op physio, 3 months later saw surgeon #3 as the pain was no different, he said that's normal come back in 9 months if no better.  6 months post op saw surgeon #4 who sent me for a CT scan (which came back normal despite actually showing twisted bones) and referred me to a different hospital for 'a major op' as he couldn't do anything else.

At the second hospital, surgeon #5 said there's nothing wrong with me, it's all in my head.  He sent me to physio (which I didn't do as I didn't want what he suggested) and planned to do another arthroscopy and possible lateral release after 3 months.  He also sent me for an x-ray which came back normal even though it shows that my bones are twisted and my kneecaps are way too high up.  In the meantime I went back to the GP and asked for a MRI which they refused.  After the 3 months I saw surgeon #6 who noted that I had twisted femurs but didn't bother telling me this, and sent me for an MRI.  He also referred me for physio, if this didn't help then I would have the still unknown 'major op'.  I then saw surgeon #7 who diagnosed chondromalacia from the MRI (it doesn't show that), he didn't notice the twisted bones, inflamed fat pad, thickened plica and patella alta.  He gave me steroid injections which didn't help.  He told me to look online what to do to help the chondromalacia.  I saw surgeon #7 again after 6 weeks who said I could either wait until I'm completely disabled or do an arthroscopy (with no purpose) in 6 weeks then remove my kneecaps (AWFUL idea!).

After seeing two private surgeons who both found what was wrong and said I need a TTT, I saw NHS surgeon #8 who said he cannot help me, won't do a TTT if my kneecaps don't dislocate, spotted the patella alta but I had to mention the twisted bones and hypermobility.  He then massively focussed on the hypermobility and is referring me to a rheumatologist.

Sorry that was massively long winded but it's not just your doctors who are idiots!