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Author Topic: A sudden onset of knee and calf pain after multiple knee surgeries years before  (Read 691 times)

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So I'm not finding a lot anywhere online about my sudden onset of moderate right knee and calf pain. It starts on the bottom outer side of the knee and radiates down my calf whenever I bend it (even laying down), straighten it, walk on it or press on it. I have had four knee surgeries as it is, the last one being two and a half years ago.

The first surgery was a failed ACL recon with part of my patella. I got serious infection and after a second surgery to flush it, they ended up doing a third to remove everything they had done. Thus leaving me with no ACL. I went over two years being able to run, jump and in general just be active w/o it until I finally tore my medial meniscus. I was given a steroid injection and did not repair it. So within a year and half after that I tore the medial meniscus again and my lateral meniscus. I pretty much couldn't do anything at that point and opted for surgery again. That time I had a great surgeon and he did an ACL recon with a cadaver graft and shaved down both the medial and lateral menisci to repair them. He was originally going to try to use one of my hamstrings but after removing it, found that it was too small since I'm a fairly petite woman.

I've only had little bumps in the road since then, like when I found out my pin (on top of the knee) from the last surgery had an enlarged tunnel. I've had aches and pains but nothing like this. So what I'm looking for is some advice from anyone who may have had a (or multiple) ACL recons with their patella and/or had steroid injections and that caused something like this or if it may just be the ACL itself. I'm wondering if it's the patella tendon because it is the front of the knee and underneath. It's a little misshapen in the center under the patella but is that just from not having a whole one? Any help would be great! Thanks :)

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So from your description, you have pain on the outer side of your knee, as well as where the kneecap tendon is located?
Have had tilted kneecaps for many years, and occasional patellar tendinitis.