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Author Topic: Kneecap irregularities  (Read 1433 times)

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Kneecap irregularities
« on: October 07, 2002, 06:33:17 AM »
I began running for the first time in my life (I'm 34) in March of this year (2002).  Things were going great.  Was up to 4 miles.  Then over the summer my right knee started hurting.  I'd lay off the running for a week or so and it would feel better.  Then after running just once or twice it would hurt again.  I could actually feel on my knee exactly the place where the pain was focused.  It was on the inside of the knee just below my kneecap.  

I'd cross my my right leg and press on the spot that hurt.  While pressing though if I straightened my leg the pain would go away.  Is this a clue?

So I made an appointment with an orthopedic.  After X-rays nothing was found.  So they did an MRI.  They said I shouldn't run anymore (is this a standard answer?) and that the inside of my kneecap had irregularities.  They told me to take glucosamine and condrotin (sp?), do leg lifts, and call them in 4 weeks if it didn't feel better.  Does this sound right?

That was about 4 weeks ago and I can't say it's feeling better.  I'm considering a second opinion.  

What about PT?  

I've continued to bicycle without any additional pain.  But even walking can disturb it.

It's not a serious pain.  But I can feel that something isn't quite right.  And I'm afraid to push it with running again.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?   I'd appreciate any feedback I can get.

Thanks -

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