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Author Topic: Nonsurgical treatment patella displaced transverse fracture- advice please?  (Read 755 times)

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Hi, would welcome input from others treated without surgery to compare experience so far, getting nervous, it's so long to wait before they take off the plaster (I know there's a lot of work ahead once that happens!)

Context - 61yo female, 5'3'', about 8st, fairly fit, (was!) running a couple of times a week until...

14 Sep hit knee on metal edge at bottom of stairs, thought it was just a thump. Carried on up the stairs, all 177 of them, across Russell Sq and into work - odd twinge. By midday it had swollen up hugely, very painful, walking completely impossible. Hopped into local hospital, after several hours sent home in temp plaster flexed knee, instructed nil by mouth from midnight, show up crack of dawn for surgery (ticked all the boxes for surgery - displaced  transverse fracture, couldn't do leg raise).  Duly arrived, gowned, already had arrow in indelible ink! - then head orthopod stepped in. He'd reviewed "before" and "after" xrays, temp plaster had reduced displacement, wanted to put leg in a more extended position (ouch!!) and re-xray. If displacement stayed slight (it did) try treating conservatively first (otherwise it would have been surgery straight away as planned). Still couldn't do a leg raise (but the weight of the plaster doesn't help!) So hopped away on crutches with slightly flexed knee in full leg cylinder cast, told no weight bearing, review in a week, and surgery as plan b.

Wind on a week...21 Sep More xrays, the bits seemed to be staying put and starting to do what they should. Another trip to the plasterer, this time for straight leg position (physically impossible a week ago!) and told to come back in 5 weeks. Asked if allowed to weight bear - yes, in fact, told to do as much as I felt I could, if it hurts, stop! Have been walking quite reasonable distances (with crutches for anything more than around the house, to control the sailor's walk). Another 2 and a half weeks to go... It feels to me as if the muscles have lost a lot, so am expecting a shock on 26th Oct. Just wondered if anyone else has had a similar tale and how it turned out in the end.

Thus us a really great forum, it's been really interesting scouring through everyone's experiences.

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You sure are having a tough time. Have you been told to do any physical therapy besides trying to walk?
Have had tilted kneecaps for many years, and occasional patellar tendinitis.