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Author Topic: Something went pop when kneeling ? Now sore and swollen!  (Read 11086 times)

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Re: Something went pop when kneeling ? Now sore and swollen!
« Reply #15 on: October 06, 2011, 11:47:41 PM »
true what my family are saying it can't get worse!

I know you are probably hearing this a lot...but i kind of feel like I need to pass on my warning too...

It ABSOLUTELY can make things worse not to mention the risks involved with any surgery.  There are VERY FEW cases where a solo LR are indicated.  I believe a very well thought of OS that posts on this site says he has not done a solo LR in over 10 years (or something like that).  A LR done for the wrong reasons can cause medial instability (yes, you patella will dislocate toward the inside).  That would be worse.  Don't just Try a your homework and make sure you are having the right one. 
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