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Author Topic: I am New and need Advice on Knee MRI Anyone Listening??  (Read 931 times)

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I am New and need Advice on Knee MRI Anyone Listening??
« on: October 04, 2011, 11:11:32 PM »

I had a TKR on August 16, 2011 on Left Knee.  So far all is well with this New Knee...My question is
regarding the OTHER KNEE.

I have OA pretty bad and this OTHER KNEE has been hurting before my TKR.  I asked the Ortho about doing this 2nd knee and his response was that we need to wait and see how I do with surgery and post op etc.

Then he said last visit that the Other Knee was not as bad as the TKR knee and offered me Synvisc.  He said we need to wait and see how the balance and transfer of weight to new knee affects it. 

Note: My recovery is going well.I am at 115 Flex and 0 extension.

My question/concern is this:  I am in pain 24/7 at rest, at night, any walking I am in knife pain in this right knee.  I dont mind waiting but now it seems Ortho doesn't want to do anything and I am a bit apprehensive as it has been only 7 weeks since my surgery but I really am getting feeling I am going to have to suffer with this OTHER KNEE (right) because he doesn't seem to want to address it and/ or I am just in pain and trying to rush a second surgery...that's why I would like if someone here could look over the MRI results and give me opinion.
There is Large joint effusion.  Moderately advanced OA of Medial Compartment with joint narrowing, marginal osteophytes, extensive full thickness, chrondral loss along the weight bearing surface of the medial femoral condyle and to lesser degree the medial tibial plateau, and small subchrondral degenerative cystic change. 

Moderately advanced OA of the pattellofemoral comptmt with marginal osteophytes, diffuse chrondral thinning, fraying and full thickness chrondral loss of the medial patella facet.  Low grade chondral degeneration involving wright bearing portions of the lateral femoral condyle and lateral tibial plateau without full thickness chondral loss.

MIld OA of the proximal tibiofibular joint with a 1 cmmultiloculated snovial cyst extending from the poaserior aspect of the joint.    No focal meniscal tear identified.  Mild extrusion and increased intrasubstance signal within the medial meniscus body without focal tear identified.  The lateral meniscus is unremarkable.

ACL PCL,MCL I band, FCL etc remainign supporting soft tissues are intact. 

iMPRESSION:   Moderately advanced OA in Medial and patellofemoral compartments with full thickness chondral loss.  Mild OA of lateral compartment and proximal tibiofiubular joint.

Moderate volume joint effusion.

No meniscus tear identified.


I am in pain everyday all day....does anyone have opinion if this would warrant surgery??

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Re: I am New and need Advice on Knee MRI Anyone Listening??
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2011, 02:38:30 AM »
It would be better if you posted in the arthritis section. There should be experienced people who can answer your questions..
Have had tilted kneecaps for many years, and occasional patellar tendinitis.