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Author Topic: Tore my ACL, PCL, LCL, and some lateral ligiemnts..Had Surgery.. NEED ADVICE!  (Read 4589 times)

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I recently tore my ACL, PCL, LCL, and some lateral ligaments. I had surgery on September 19. They completely reconstructed my whole knee except for my Miniscules. They made a huge incision on the outside of my knee to reconstruct my LCL. Then for my ACL and PCL they used grafting, I think that's what its called and drilled small holes in my knee to do microscopically. I will have a huge scar 25 staples total on my knee. I'm devastated because this is my senior year of high school. I am going to miss out on my Senior year of Varsity soccer and my last year of club soccer. I am worried that I will never be able to play soccer again or in college. If anyone has been through this kind of injury or anything similar I would love to hear your advice or what your road to recovery looked like. 
Broke left ankle in three different places in Feb 2011.
Tore ACL, PCL, and LCL in Aug 2011.

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Ouch!!  You are channeling Daunte Culpepper with that injury.... (I'm a HUGE Dolphins fan but we won't talk about today's game or this season even)

I just wanted to say keep your spirits up.  I am going on 3.5 years now and still have a bit of trouble with my MCL (but I graduated from high school in the last century).  I think it's BC I really didn't properly rehab it.  Wear your brace, take your meds, and get a good PT.  If you don't like your PT then switch if possible, they will guide you thru your recovery.

With hard work and dedication you can return to your sport.  Look at the pro athletes, they do it all the time so it's not an impossible dream.

Keep us posted on your progress and don't give up hope, you'll have some days you are down in the dumps so go ahead and feel bad for awhile (you've earned that) and then get back to rehab.

I'm thinking good thoughts for you..... :)
02/11/08 - LK ACL/MCL tears, fibula fracture - skiing in CA
04/14/08 - ACLr PT autograft