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Author Topic: Scope question  (Read 749 times)

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Scope question
« on: September 14, 2011, 05:10:02 PM »
I'm considering arthroscopic surgery for a "probable" cartilage tear. Last time the MRI showed "probable", the doc got in and found 2 tears. One of my concerns is that the majority of my pain is coming from tendon inflammation. Mainly the ones in the back, where the calf muscle attaches. With arthroscopic surgery for the cartilage, will the doc be able to inspect those tendons to make sure there isn't a partial tear? I had some significant bruising pop up in that area last week and the pain has increased, which is why I'm concerned. And, lucky me, now my achilles is tightening up too! ARGH! I just can't catch a break.  :-[

I refuse to have a steroid injection because of an increased risk of tendon rupture. I figure it's not a risk I want to take, seeing as the tendons are already so inflamed and stressed.

I left a message for the nurse 2 days ago. I got a call yesterday saying she'd be calling me this morning....the morning is almost over. I could have gotten in for an appointment faster than this!

Arthroscopy 8/8/03 - partial meniscectomy (x2), chondroplasty, lateral release (failed). 1/04 - dx with "miserable alignment". 11/04 - dx patella baja.