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Author Topic: TTT advise  (Read 733 times)

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TTT advise
« on: September 07, 2011, 11:48:59 PM »

I am trying to find out more information about TTT surgery. My OS has just suggested it is my next step, but I do not know very much about it. I thought he was doing a patella replacement so I spent the last 6 weeks researching that and now he says TTT is my best option to regain function in my knee. My knee troubles are a long story, but long story short- I broke my knee cap and have been trying to get better since the break in November of last year. I have not been working since my injury and cannot return to work until I can function as my career was in physical fitness. I went from riding 10 miles on my bike to sitting on my butt watching bad TV. I have not been able to do any cardiovascular activity since the break and am looking to regain the ability to return to my life.
I am nervous because I do not want to have another procedure as this will be my 5th, unless I am secure in the decision I am making. Please post your experiences with TTT and how your life has benefited/declined after surgery. I hope I can gain some knowledge :D