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Author Topic: MPFL Reconstruction Questions.  (Read 669 times)

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MPFL Reconstruction Questions.
« on: September 01, 2011, 07:50:06 AM »
A quick backstory: During my senior year, we got a new soccer coach that had us go on outrageous runs through my hometown, inconveniently in the mountains.. anyway, the hills had an awful impact on my knees, and about midway through the season, my left knee dislocated midway through a game, this dislocation was stuck out and needed to be pushed back into place by the atheltic trainer on duty. After the immobilizer and PT, everything seemed back to normal. Until this spring, I had another dislocation while playing a pickup game at my college. All summer long my OS, PT and I tried to strengthen the ligament using conservative methods but the lax of the ligamint is still far more than my OS wants, and anytime we tried to push the limit in PT, my knee would buckle. SO, at some point within the next year I am to have an MPFL reconstruction using cadaver ligament.

My OS will wait til next summer to do so, as I'm still in college, but has said that he would prefer not to, so we do not risk the chance of another dislocation. I have 4.5 weeks off for winter break at MOST. Is this a reasonable amount of time to recover and be relatively pain free, off crutches and mobile so that I can attend school? I also live in the northeast US, and am worried about the impact of the weather on my recovery since I will have to trek around in it. My school is a very small school, which is a good thing, it really only consists of two blocks and we have a great PT program at the school so the PT wouldn't be a problem. I've never had any kind of surgery before (besides wisdom teeth and that doesn't count) and I'm not sure what to expect painwise, mobility.. I really don't know anything! Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :)

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Re: MPFL Reconstruction Questions.
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2011, 02:32:27 PM »
Have a look down at the Post Op Diaries especially those by ooheykate and Runner1993 - both have had MPFL work and are studying. Some really good information and experiences in their diaries. From what I have read the MPFL op is a painful one, as is most surgery to be honest! There appears to be a broad range of post op protocols so you might want to see if you're going to be straight leg braced, allowed to flex from the start, weight bearing levels and so on. That will have an impact on how you cope at college and with the weather. Crutches and ice/snow do not mix well.  :o

Make sure you have plenty of ice for after the surgery and are prepared to rest up and elevate for the first few days. Keeping your swelling down helps with flexion and overall recovery. It will swell, it is inevitable. Everyone recovers differently, so it is hard to know how you'll be at 4.5 weeks. Ideally you *should* be OK, but no one can tell in reality. I had foot surgery and in terms of the actual op I streaked ahead and was in normal shoes at 3 weeks, full weight bearing and bone fusion at 2.5 weeks. But I got other complications that still plague me now!

It is a tough call. I guess in reality all you can do is see how you go, do everything you can in those 4,5 weeks to keep swelling down and start PT etc. The risk of a further dislocation in a year sounds quite high for you, and you don't want to be creating more damage in terms of articular cartilage, other ligaments etc.

Good luck

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