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Author Topic: Deformed knees  (Read 998 times)

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Deformed knees
« on: August 31, 2011, 12:01:10 AM »
Hi, I am new to this forum, so I am not sure where to post this.
I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or knows of anyone else with it.
My husband was born with deformed knees. Sorry I don't know the correct names for the parts of the knee, but the way I understand it, there are bones in a "U" shape that hold the kneecap in place. In my husband's case, one side of the U-bone was too short, so his knees were very susceptible to coming out of the socket.
He had surgery to fix it, but his kneecap was also in the wrong place, so in the surgery, they moved the kneecap over. His knee doesn't come out of socket anymore, but it hurts all the time. I think it was a mistake to move the kneecap over.