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Author Topic: Medial meniscus transplant, oesteotomy and acl reconstruction? anyone had all 3?  (Read 765 times)

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Hi guys and gals!

On waiting list for the above been about 3 months now and was told 6 to 9 months for the meniscus from the good ole USA.  (not sure why they cant get this in the UK? is there a buy one get 1 free offer in america?) anyway i can see loads of people on here with really awful surgery side effects and its scaring the hell out of me!

Has anyone had all of the above at the same time and come out ok? Also i do a manual job and am going to need to have a serious change of career has anyone done this and what sort of benefits can you get in the uk while on sick leave (is DSA available after this sort of surgery)

Anyways looks like i could be in for a wait but would be good to hear of anyone awaiting these surgeries or had had them to compare notes! and rehab!

cheers all
'96 ACL reconstruction
'09 Arthroscopy/cartilage repair
Diagnosed with Grade 4 OA no medial cartilage and significant varus alignment
'11 fitted with off loading knee brace
'12 HTO, meniscus transplant, acl reconstruction & microfracture all in 1 go!