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Author Topic: Regenexx Consultation on 8/15/11  (Read 1235 times)

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Regenexx Consultation on 8/15/11
« on: August 28, 2011, 08:00:44 AM »
I have been looking into stem cell treatment at Regenexx for a shoulder and knees.  I had been finding it EXCEEDINGLY difficult to get unbiased information.  There is a lot of very aggressive self promotion and we with pain and disability are eager for hope but vulnerable to false hope.  I know that I am interested in trying this approach regardless of limited data and youth of the technology.  I really hoped that Regenexx was the place for me to go.  Denver is a reasonable distance and I was very impressed with Christopher Centeno's ebook on orthopedics.

Unfortunately, I have found the substance and tenor of communication to be poor.  Little information was available without a $200 half hour phone consultation.  That should have been a red flag but I sprang for the $200.  I spoke with Dr Hanson who evaded my questions about my MRIs that he supposedly had reviewed.  He seemed unfamiliar with material from Dr Centeno's ebook that I referenced and impatient with my questions in general.  He was very determined to end this phone call promptly by the 30 minute mark even though he kept me waiting 18 minutes beyond the appointed time to  begin.  We ended with many questions remaining and those that were answered were mainly general facts not specific to me that should have been readily available prior to consultation. 

I called Regenexx to discuss this hoping that maybe it had been an off day and they would show some interest in improving upon it.  I hoped they would give me some excuse not to shut the door on them as an option.  I hoped they would demonstrate integrity.  I was told they'd be happy to set up another consultation with another doctor for another $200.  And ONLY for another $200!

What does this say to you?

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Re: Regenexx Consultation on 8/15/11
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2011, 06:47:27 PM »
I had a very different experience with Dr. Hansen.  He spent over 45 minutes with me during the phone consult.  I also had a friend who is a RN on the line and he was most patient in answering both of our questions.  He gave lots of good advice about nutritional support, exercise, and medications. He was honest about my outlook and prognosis.  I took two pages of notes on our conversation and felt like I got my $200 worth.   I have scheduled the procedure for December, 2011.  It may be worth noting that I am able to lower the cost of Regenexx AD by doing the pre and post op PRP injections with a local physician.  Centeno-Schultz has been training a number of physicians around the US.