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Author Topic: Stiff knees (urgent help needed)anyone out there that can answer my questions:(  (Read 652 times)

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I had an accident 10 years back and because of that I had rods in both my thighs but since the accident I have been unable to bend my knees :( The rods had to be removed as they were causing infection for which more than 100s of I&Ds were done.....But the thighs and hips were so badly infected that they had to remove almost all the muscles... So no 10 years and i cant bend my knees...Some other complications i have are veins can not be found...even the jugular/arterial.... I also have dvt.

Know I have discussed with my surgeon that I would like to get my knees bended....and he said he could do it but after that i might loose the strength to stand up.....I want to know if I get them bended upto 90 degree can i use braces to support me in walking and if i go in for stem cells from the bone marrow will it benefit the scarred muscles?

Will i be losing anything if I get the knees bended to 90degree? except the strength of not lifting them up by my self straight for a very long time? The braces would help me in walking and in controlling the flexing power of the knees right?

please tell me what happens after the surgery.....I hope it does not mean I can stand or walk again with proper help!
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