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Author Topic: Full leg cast is slipping/also question about putting weight on broken kneecap  (Read 1710 times)

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It's been less than a week since I was put into a full leg Fiberglass cast due to 2 fractures in my left kneecap.  Today the cast migrated south & is pressing down on my ankle. What to do?

Also, my doctor gave me little advice initially and I'm not sure if it's ok to put some weight on my affected leg.  Any answers out there, & thank you!

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Go back to the people who put it on and get them to adjust it. I have had a similar problem recently with a cast on my ankle (broken in two places) and it was not giving me the support I was needing.

You will lose muscle bulk fairly rapidly and if the cast was initially "loose" to enable swelling &/or comfort, it may well now be too loose to function correctly.

I've been in plaster for 3 weeks now and have significant muscle loss in the calf, but they put me in an adjustable "cast" (Vacoped lower limb walking cast) so I can adjust it away to my hearts content. Still got another 3 to 5 weeks to go as well, so the loss of bulk in the calf on that side will be quite significant, while the gains on the other will probably just as big!  ;D

Sue  ;)
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