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Author Topic: New to the board  (Read 897 times)

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New to the board
« on: August 19, 2011, 04:42:47 PM »
I am new to the board. I have a question.
I am going to have knee cap replacement surgery soon.
Shooting for it to be done the first week in Sept.
Have to wait for them to call me to schudle it.
Should know for sure by wensday this comming week.
Any way I was wondering if any one has had one before??
I had my LTKR in 07 and my RTKR in 08.
It is my left knee that has been borthing me since the surgery.
I have had a manuplation and a kneecap arthoscopy surgery to put the knee cap back in the grove when it slipped out. now more issues with it time for a knee cap replacement.
MY OS said the srugery was only 30 min and I would be in the hospital over night.
So I guess the recovery time isnt as long as the knee replacement.
Thanks for the support.

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Re: New to the board
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2011, 04:54:11 AM »
If a patellar replacement rehab is anything like a fx patella rehab, it's a long haul.  I imagine it will depend upon when you'll be cleared for weight bearing and for ROM work.  The sooner you can get to it, the quicker you'll be up and around.  The problems arise with prolonged immobility, muscle atrophy and scar tissue.

Best of luck, wishing you a speedy recovery!
4/04 R knee partial meniscectomy
4/24/11 L patella comminuted fx
4/27 ORIF (2 of @ 6 pieces pin & wire together)
5/10 Staples out
6/7 from full leg immobilizer to brace set at 70 degrees flex
6/16 begin PT with 45 degrees ROM
7/14 75 ROM
7/21 81 ROM
8/2  102 ROM
11/30 127 ROM