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Author Topic: THE MRIS IS IN ! HELP!  (Read 1371 times)

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« on: August 18, 2011, 03:25:56 PM »
Mt doctor is on vacation for two weeks .  My MRIS was just done . These are the findings :

In the medial compartment, thre are minimal internal degenerative cahnges of the poterior horn of the medial meniscus without evidence of tear.

In the lateral compartment , the meniscus apprears intact

In the patellofermoral cpmartment thesere is a small region of localized fraying and thinning of the centeral patellar cartilage centered lateral to midline.  There is no subcortial edema. Th femoral cartilage apprears intact. The medial and lateral pattellar retinacula apprear intact.

The extensor mechanism apprears normal. The anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments and lateral collateral ligament appear intact. There is mild soft tissue edema adjacent to the medial collateral ligament with no intrinsic signal alterations are seen to involve is ligament. Normal apprearance to the iliotibal band. There is a small joint effussion. No loose bodies are seen. There is a popliteal fluid collection situated medial to the medial head gastrocnemius muscle. This measures up to 3.8 cm in vertical diameter. The greatest axial diameter is 2.4 x .08 cm. There is subcortical cyst formation encompassing a diameter of up to 7mm within the central proximal tibia between the medial and lateral intercondylar eminences. No areas of osseous edema.

Impression Minimal internal degenerative changes of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus without tear
2. Focal chondromalacia of the center patellar cartiledge
3. Mild soft tissue edema adjacent to the medial collateral ligament which may indicate a grade 1 sprain
4. Small joint effussion
5. Popliteal cyst
6. Small subcortial cyst within the central tibia

Not only does ny knee hurt still after several weeks of rest from activites , but walking for any length f time causes the upper thigh to ache as well. Any feedback would greatly be appreciated in assisting what all this means until I can see my ortho in September!  Thank you!  ???

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« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2011, 05:07:12 PM »
I am not a Dr. but here it goes, you have basically a small amount of arthritis in the medial meniscus, good news no tear. Chondromalacia is just a term to say there is thinning in the articular cartilage, so you have a localized area where the cartilage is damaged, again that is arthritis. Suggestive to a sprain on your Medial collateral ligament, which is good because it isn't torn, also some swelling present. The cyst are just a collection of fluid due to the injury from the sprained ligament and the cartilage defects. They can cause pain, but good news is they usually go away on there own after the injury is corrected, rarely they have to be removed. Hard to say what will need done, he may decide to scope you to look at the ligament and do some clean up on the cartilage, but most likely will suggest rest and physical theraphy. The report suggest only mild changes in the cartilage, it is hard to say how much of your pain is coming from that. Some people can have small changes and have a great deal of pain others won't have any pain but have mild changes. I hope this is all correct again I am not a Dr. so you should never take someones word exact when you read it online. I have just read alot about knees.
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« Reply #2 on: August 18, 2011, 11:08:37 PM »
I agree totally with what Kimberly 77 says - and I'm not a doctor either.  What I find interesting is that you say your upper thigh aches.  I've been on here, sadly years with knee problems and never seem that before.  It interests me because I've complained to surgeon after surgeon that my upper thigh hurts.  They simply look at me and dismiss it.  I'm sorry you have it but glad to know at least someone else has it also.  What finely has been explained it that it probably is referred pain from knee.  Doesn't make me feel better or my thigh! Let me know what you find out.  eagle