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Author Topic: How do I get comfy in cast after fracturing graft from fulkerson osteotomy????  (Read 1779 times)

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How do I get comfy in a cast after fracturing graft from a fulkerson osteotomy I had five months ago???? I just fell on July 25th and fractured the graft. I wonder why the graft was still weak, I am still breastfeeding, anyone think this might be a bad idea to continue so the bone will heal better this time? I am also so uncomfortable in the cast. It has a bend in it and just feels like the leg is fighting it. I'm still not getting around on it because of nausea from pain pills, and just plain pain. I need to see another doctor for fractures?? I guess this week. Does that seem weird that my doctor, my os wants me to see a doctor for fractures???? He is in Van Nuys and I'm in Las Vegas. I saw him the day after the accident and I'm just really upset about the whole thing. Five months after the Fulkerson, the graft breaks, really?? how will I ever trust my leg. Any tips on washing hair, getting clean and not being nauseated from vicodin.
Also any one else get those weird jolting sensations while sleeping, I hate those.
Thanks  :)
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oh dear, sounds awful.  Sorry I have no tips but a question.  You are breastfeeding while taking vicodin?  Did you discuss that with any doctor?  I'm not a doc but to me I'd be concerned.  As for the get comfortable I wish I could help.  What type of doc are you working with now?  Sorry for the questions.  Are you elevating?  eagle

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  • I hate my knee!! :(
tip number one... never, ever take vicodin on an empty stomach. Eat a couple crackers, a slice of bread and butter or jam, just eat something with it. A lot of people find vicodin upsets the tummy without some food to go along with it. You could consider a half of a dramamine as an option, if you were sure it was safe to take while breastfeeding, for the nausea if it's too bothersome. Not too many people I know find dramamine makes them tired - in fact if I recall, it's advertised as non-drowsy. (I've used it for headache related nausea in a pinch)

As for getting comfortable in a cast... try supporting it with one of those child sized microbead beanbags. Squishes in all the right places without weird pressure points, and allows for elevation too. and is "shapeable" with some conveniently placed duct tape even, to hold the vinyl or fabric folded to your specifications without so much shaping every time you use it. You can find some colored or patterned tape to be creative....

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