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Author Topic: Surgery vs Conservative treatment  (Read 830 times)

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Surgery vs Conservative treatment
« on: August 16, 2011, 06:58:15 PM »
I just had an Anterior Dislocation of my Right Knee. My ACL, PCL and Lateral Collateral Ligaments are torn. My MCl is thankfully intact, we think. My Ortho Physician is recommending conservative treatment with a brace and rest for now. What I have heard is that when the knee is left to heal this way it can remain very unstable. I'm only 33 and need to be on my feet most of the day for my job. (Registered Nurse) I know surgery has it's risk but I think my knee would at least be more stable. Just wondering what everyone out there thinks about this. Thank you.
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Re: Surgery vs Conservative treatment
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2011, 07:55:54 PM »

Sorry to hear of your injury.  I would advise you to start scanning studies re: reconstruction on acute ACL/PCL tears.  I believe that most literature out there discourages reconstruction while the injury is still acute.  I believe that it greatly increases your risk for arthrofibrosis if done too soon after injury.  Some people function OK with conservative treatment, while others cannot function properly with the instability.  Do some research, and decide what is right for you.  You do not mention whether or not you are involved in any sporting activities.

I had my ACL reconstructed last August.  Mine was a chronic tear, but the instability was interfering too much with my lifestyle, so I opted for reconstruction.  I too am a nurse, and I will tell you that my knee did bother me during my 12 hour shifts.  It got worse as I got older.

I think you also need to clarify with your OS if he meant conservative treatment for the short term, or did he mean straight up conservative treatment?  You will need to weigh out your options, do the research, ask the questions, and then decide what you want/need to do.  What is good for the goose, is not necessarily good for the gander!

I am sure you will get more responses, but in the mean time, rest that knee, arrange to see a good PT to keep your quads strong.  Be safe, and good luck.  Please keep us updated on your progress and decision!

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