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Author Topic: Question Regarding Right Knee Neuroma/Knee Pain! Insight Very Much Appreciated  (Read 1374 times)

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To briefly summarize the history of my knee problems, my patella subluxed in May 2009 and July 2009. There was no damage that required surgical intervention both times and PT alleviated the pain. In November 2009, the pain returned. Multiple rounds of PT did not help, no surgical intervention was deemed necessary, cortisone injections did not help, and acupuncture did not provide any pain relief. After a fall in March 2010, I was diagnosed with a sprained MCL, did multiple rounds of PT and had cortisone injected into my knee. The end result was being told that I would either "grow out of the pain" since I was 17 or just have to live with the pain. I went to another doctor who recommended therapy with modalities for 6 weeks, and after no relief, removed the medial plica and found no other structural damage during an arthroscopy October 2010.

The knee was pain-free three weeks after surgery, but since the beginning of November, the pain has been constant despite multiple rounds of PT, Vitamin D supplements, Lidocaine patches, Prednisone, 2 pain management procedures (neuroma injection/pulse radiofrequency ablation), an additional injection into the neuroma by an anesthesiologist, and pain medication (Lyrica and low-dose Vicodin).

I have been diagnosed with having a neuroma in my knee as the cause of the pain. This leads to my questions.

What is the best way of treating the neuroma? Excision or another procedure such as a chemical ablation?
If anyone has had these procedures, does it provide a long-term pain relief or is it simply a short-term solution?
Is it best for a neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon to remove the neuroma?
How long is the recovery for a neuroma excision? Is PT/rehab involved as well?

Thank you very much for reading and responding in advance.

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 I don't have a lot of great answers. I had knee surgery sept 2010.  I had a lot of pain which didn't resolve in the months following surgery.  They went back in my knee June 2011.  I had a neuroma and nerve which was scarred down.  They removed the neuroma and cut the nerve and buried it.  So far 2 months post op the nerve pain is more manageable but not gone.  They are now recommending lyrica and I have lidocaine patches.  I do have a history of slow healing.  I had an OS fix my graft, but she recommended a hand surgeon in her practice fix my nerve which I did (it was one surgery).   I am still healing but I had my medial graft lengthened as well.  I've been told that nerves are not completely predictable.  Good luck in whatever you decide to do!

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