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Author Topic: Rare Ongoing Painful Knee Problem - Its been 4 years I'm only 21, Please Help!!  (Read 1013 times)

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Hey all, new here. have been reading forum for a while, thought it was about time I joined because I can't seem to find enough information on my problem. Would appreciate any opinions or ideas. I am a 21 year old female from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

So back on my 17th birthday (currently 21and a half) I was snowboarding in the mountains and came up extremely short on an XL jump, landing flat. I thought I for sure broke my leg instantly. When I was rescued and taken off the hill the medical people went on to tell me it was my knee causing the pain by the looks of it. (my knee was the size of a baloon).

I painfully flew back home and went to our city's best sports injury clinic. Immediatly got an MRI that would determine I had torn my ACL and MCL in half. Also torn up my miniscus, and somehow from the knee being bend over so hard a piece of my patella (knee cap) had chipped off. The surgeon (Dr. David Dillon) said I must have surgery ASAP. Because the injury was so severe there he first conducted a 'clean up surgery' cleaned up all the loose stuff, took the chipped bone out etc. 2 months later after the swelling went down he conducted ACL (and possibly MCL?) recontruction surgery. He used 2 Linvatec Xtralok dissolvable screws. They are purple/blue in color.

Recovery was hard but I made my way though. About 10-12 months later I noticed a small round lump/bubble on my leg overtop the incision. It started leaking fluids. I went to see him he tested it said he had no idea what it was, could have been a number of things. We waited a bit to see if it would go away. When I was squeezing fluid out a piece of this "dissolvable" screw popped out. Then multpile pieces would come out later on.

He then wanted to do a surgery to try and fish out all those little tiny loose pieces of screw. We did it he stitched me up again I was good for about 4-5 months and it came back with the same thing happening. We decided on another surgery (me not knowing what else to do?). This time he wanted a plastic surgeon to help him conduct the surgery because he wanted to remove a flap of skin so he could fish around more and see more. So they removed a triangle piece of skin took out more tiny pieces of screw and sewed the triangle back on. Healed up nice besides the shark bite looking scar.

Approx. 4 months later sure enough it came back and still more screw pieces were would occasionally squeeze out. It was prime snowboarding season so I asked if we could hold off till spring. I went to compete out in Halifax and just kept a band aid over it. Half way though my trip my upper knee started swelling and I had to pull out of the Canada Winter Games. When I got back I went to see Dr. Dillon and explained i was having pain in my upper knee. We already to do another surgery anyways so he said he would go into the upper part of the knee and see what was going on. He said he was going to be more aggressive in the tunnel and use lots of water to flush the pieces of screw out. On April 18th 2011 he went in with the plastic surgeon. This is now the 5th surgery. He found a small legion catching in my upper knee, he grinded it off and thought that was why it was swelling and (hopefully) got the rest of the one screw out in the lower tunnel.

Today the scar has finally fully healed (I guess it's only been 4 months, though I like to try and stay positive). Everything seemed to be going great. The swelling was starting to go away by mid June. At the end of June my upper knee starting getting swollen and sore. I thought I was going backwards or I had injured it. Even though I don't really believe I re injured it or overworked it. Been doing my physio as always and trying to be careful.

So 10 days ago I went to go see Dr. Dillon he couldn't believe the way I was limping and how much swelling there was. He got me in for an MRI within 10 days. So I went for an MRI 2 days ago and get the results on the 23rd with a fallow up to see him again.

He always reassured me the second screw in the upper knee (is the tunnel through the femur? cant remember) would be fine because it has nowhere to go. But I'm thinking what if this is some sort of reaction to the second screw? My body did reject the first one and treated like a foreign body. So it's got me and everyone else wondering if this severe swelling and pain in my upper knee that has me in couch lock position could have something to do with the other screw or maybe a piece from the other one floated up there? I'm not all that excited about the MRI renaults I get on the 23rd, because so many times have they said "everything on the MRI looks great. Your ACL is awesome" thats great but why is this happening to me?

I am self employed and am off work once again. its been 4 years now. My mom is thinking of taking to the states and paying big bucks to get a better opinion. We are also trying to get a referral to another doctor here in Winnipeg.... When I see Dr. Dillon on the 23rd I am demanding one. He says he has never seen anything like this and does these surgeries all the time.

I will post what his response to the MRI is and what he has to say on August 23rd. I am also buying a CD copy of the MRI and written reading.

Thanks to anyone who took the time to read. Any help is appreciated.


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after this many failed attempts it sounds like it is time to see another doctor.  The number one rated orthopedic hospital in the United States, is The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City (you can look it up yourself and see what great work they do).  As a competitive athlete time is a factor as you only have so many years that you can compete so I would say enough time spent with this doctor.  The top knee surgeon at The Hospital for Special Surgery is Dr. Russell Windsor,  he is usually booked about three or four weeks out for an appointment.  There are also some excellent orthopedic docs at McGill in your country, but if I wanted to go right to the best and not spend more time I would suggest the Hospital For Special Surgery,  when you look them up you will see they are universally rated as the top orthopedic hospital in the US.
Good luck and keep focused.