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Author Topic: Painkillers that work ??  (Read 5452 times)

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Re: Painkillers that work ??
« Reply #15 on: October 18, 2010, 11:00:39 PM »
Instead of talking about pain killers why not talk about why 3 knee surgeries has not taken care of the pain and why they all failed. I've beem down this road. I had severe pain down the back of my leg and first and arthroscopy was done and the pain was still there. Then I had a PKR and the same pain was still there, Then I had a revison of my PKR to a TKR and the pain still existed. Then I started to have a hyper- extension problem to the knee and it was collapsing on me and I had a spacer exchange opening up the knee again. This too failed. Through all this it turned out the pain was coming from my back and not my knee and that pain went away with the back surgery, but not before my knee was screwed up and I had to go to a specialist and he stopped the Over-extentsion by putting in a Hinged Prosthesis. All this time the doctors all knew that I had Spinal Stenosis. After the TKR I was referred to a back doctor and ended up having 2 back surgeries in 3 weeks. In three years I had 7 major surgeries and a manipulation trying to figure out where the pain was coming from.  Now three years later I have a  different kind of pain due to all the surgery and I have a balance problem from so many surgeries in a short time and put under anesthesia so many times. I have to use a walker all the time and I have taken some serious falls, one being the Sternum injury I talk about on the Bulletin Board. Don't let the doctors do any more surgery on you until they locate and tell you what exactly is causing the pain. With the surgeries they are guessing. My life will never be the same the day I got a pinched nerve in my leg. It wasn't the knee surgery that failed but rather the doctors.
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Right knee (arthroscopy) 2004
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Left knee (arthroscopy)
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Re: Painkillers that work ??
« Reply #16 on: August 11, 2011, 06:30:59 PM »
There is a reason morphine has been referred to so ofter as God's medicine.  It works.  While it is addictive and has some side effects it is the best long term remidy for chroinc pain.  Every other drug trys to copy the responses that morphine gives.  In the U.S. I know that aside from inpatient hospital settings most doctors who are not pain management specialists will not write for it.  I have been in pain management for many years after a dozen knee surgeries and failed revision.  While with my pain there are days that even fairly high doses up to 500mg morphine er and ir do not totally control the pain most of the time I get enough relief to sit in my wheelchair, I can no longer walk more than a few steps, and do light things around the house.  I would not suggest anyone asking for it until they have tried other drugs but in the end where little else works you can count on morphine to at very least take the edge off.  After a while you can function rather well on it once the body gets use to it.  You can drive, work etc but it does take a little while for the body to begin to function well on high doses.
I am not suggesting it as the first choice but when everything else fails it is time to talk to a pain management doctor about morphine, I have never gotten a high on it in all the years i have used it so I personally would not worry about that.  Of course once you are on it a while you cannot just stop it right away because the body will become addicted to it the doctors will have to withdraw you slowly over several months, but in the end when nothing else helps you will know why it is called God's medicine