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Author Topic: Trochleoplasty Recovery Challenges?  (Read 3462 times)

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Trochleoplasty Recovery Challenges?
« on: August 02, 2011, 07:23:54 AM »
I've recently had a trochleoplasty performed on my righht knee after years of recurrent dislocations.

I am in my 6th week of recovery and doing quite well from my Physio's point of view, there's limited movement at the moment as i still have a brace restricting my flexing and straightening betwenn 90 and 20 degrees.

The surgery lasted around 2-3 hours and had no complications except the ligament were stretched due to the frequency of which my knee had dislocated. After 2 and a half days in hospital i was released feeling unsteady and unsure of how i would manage at home with both pain and difficulty moving around by myself.

The first 3 weeks were hard as i was only able to get about in a wheelchair and was in quite a biut of pain having to take between 4-6 oxycodone a day to manage. My sleep deteriorated as i had to lie on my back which i am not used to and the stiffness in my knee caused me to wake up every few hours when i would try and move in my sleep.

Now in my 6th week i am up on crutches around the house and small distances although i tire easily if trying to walk for a long distance, i am still using the wheelchair for when i leave the house and go shopping for instance.

My next surgical consult is not until Spetember 9th and there are no follow up notes on how i am to adjust once the brace has been removed, this means the Physio is not allowing me to take it off until she has contacted my surgeon, which through a public health system can take some time.
The muscles are still quite weak which is making me fear it will dislocate again if i try and put to much weight through it.

I was waiting 8 years for the surgery and had seen 6 other surgeons both publioc and private before anyone even bothered to do a simple scan, each surgeon told me i was overweight and if i was thinner my knee would fix itself. By the time I saw a surgeon by the name of Mr Emmerson my knee had gotten so bad that it took only 1 MRI to prove i was not simply 'fat' and that the grove my knee cap is meant to sit in had actually grown over into a dome shape.

Mr Ray Crowe was consulted and put me straight on the list for surgery. He explained everything in detail to me and made me feel extremely safe ibn his hands.

Since the surgery i have have been pushing myself harder and harder to recover but it doesn't feel like i'm getting anywhere despite the pain have almost gone completely i am in fear it will dislocate still and waste the surgery i had.

My nan who is in her 80's recently had a full knee replacement and is up and walking already although with my discomfort . I am still unable to manage on crfutches for very long.

I have had a look at a few threads on this site about recovery and was wondering how long it took people to recovery and what c hallenges they faced leading up to their surgery

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Re: Trochleoplasty Recovery Challenges?
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2011, 01:26:14 AM »
I am sorry to hear that your recovery is taking a while. But your post is from August so I hope you are getting on a lot better now!
I am due to have this surgery in a couple of days and I am really nervous. Hope you might be able to answer a few questions.
Could you use the toilet or did you have to get a drainage bag fitted? Is the epidural fitted during the surgery or after?