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Author Topic: Ladies! Any good tips for a first time maid of honor with chronic pains? :)  (Read 896 times)

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Hello all!  :D

Hope u're all having a great time this summer. Haven't been posting in a long time, mostly due pains in hands and shoulders and because my pain issues cover such a wide range of bodyparts it has not been just about the knees anymore in a long, long time. I miss the time knees were my only problem, as odd as it might sound :(

Anyhoo, in a little under 2 weeks I'm gonna be the maid of honor of my dear friend when she gets married on August 13th :) I will also helping the bride with her 2-month-old baby girl that day. My mom will be the baby's nanny that day, but of course everyone's help is needed.

Being a maid of honor is a huge honor and a tough job even for the healthy. Now I was wondering, if there is anyone who would like to share some good tips or give some advice from their own experience on how to be a maid of honor with chronic pains? :)

I would love to hear ur experiences in how u managed to keep ur pain levels at bay on the big day, what u did to prepare and what did u bring with u. Any kinds of tips are welcome and I thank u in advance! ;D

The bride and I will have our hair done at 8am, she will have her makeup done too (there was not an available makeup appointment for me, so I'll be doing my own, while hers is being done). Then it's off to change clothes at the bride&groom's home around 11:30am and then off to church, where the ceremony takes place at 1pm. Then the bride and groom will have their portraits taken and I, along the rest of the guests, will move to the reception location. The place has to be empty at midnite, so I suppose after that I get to go home.

I will have my cane with me, which I've thought to decorate with a big bow or something ;)

What all should I bring with me for myself and for the bride? I will need a large bag packed with medicine and other necessities, tips and suggestions are welcome! Would like to be prepared in every possible way I can to survive the big day even with pains.

What I have thought to pack so far:

- my medicines and some ice gel (a quick way to treat pain)
- makeup kit for fixing makeup + makeup remover and some cotton pads
- comb + hairspray + hairpins
- lozenges/breath mints (in case chronic throat pain makes an appearance - I'm singing at the wedding)
- toothbrush + toothpaste (in case my acid reflux makes me puke that day)
- nail scissors + a nail file + nail polish for me&the bride (in case of nail disaster)
- extra pair of pantyhose and some clear nailpolish
- band-aids and disinfectant spray in case of cuts/wounds
- second pair of shoes for the reception (fancier ones will be worn at church)
- some kind of stain remover for the bride's dress just in case? any suggestions?
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- sewing thread and a needle

What else?

THANK YOU so much in advance for the help!!  :D ;D
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I am sorry I didn't see this post sooner, I was just in a wedding with signafant knee pain before a second surgery.  I hope the wedding went well!

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