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Author Topic: Weird Stuff Happening...kinda freaking out  (Read 2018 times)

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Weird Stuff Happening...kinda freaking out
« on: July 31, 2011, 03:44:52 PM »
Hi. I had lateral release/torn meniscus repair surgery on 7/21. The surgery went fine my parents were told by my OS. (I am an 18 year old male.) I was told to take a toradol every 8 hours and and two percocet every 6 hours. I pretty much stayed confined in bed or in the living room watching TV because of the pain and swelling, and weakness in my quad. My post-op was the following Monday 7/25. The doctor said I had more swelling than was to be expected and was a bit concerned. My father who has had 4 different knee surgeries said he was extremely shocked he wanted to take the stitches out. Nonetheless, he indeed took the stitches out, refilled my percocet, fitted me for my knee brace, and told me to begin my physical therapy the next day (tuesday). On Tuesday, Therapy sucked, as expected, because I still couldn't lift my own leg, but afterwards I mainly was really sore but that was about it. I want to note here that the therapist told me this was the most swelling he had seen for someone with my procedure done, and was surprised the OS took the stitches out. One of his co-workers walked by and said the same thing. The week went by and things stayed about the same. Swelling is give or take the same, pain has come down some during the middle of the day, but goes back up around morning/night. I struggle to put any weight on it though I have done it some so I can take showers. Friday rolled around for my 2nd PT visit. I was doing leg raises with a bolster under my knee when my PT walked by and said "Boy, dont get your blood on my table!" I had no idea it was bleeding, ( I guess because I couldn't see around the swelling) but anyway he handed me a tissue to wipe it up and then put a 2"x2" band-aid over it, and then neither of us thought twice about it. About 10 minutes later, I was laying flat on the table doing leg raises, when I noticed more blood. I stopped and looked down, and saw that blood was coming out of all 4 sides of the band-aid, and that it had become raised due to being filled up with blood. We took the band-aid off and obviously all the blood starts gushing down my leg, so we start putting gauze on it to try mop it up. The blood was EXTREMELY dark, almost blackish-purple. We held pressure on it, and about 15 minutes and half a box of gauze later, it still hadn't stopped. The PT called a nurse over from a Doctor's office across the builiding, who put a pressure dressing on it and wrapped it. The PT iced me down and sent me home, telling me to check it in a couple of hours to see if it had stopped bleeding, and if not, to call my OS. 2-3 hours later, it was still bleeding a bit, but my mother is a nurse and got it to clot well enough so that the bleeding was minimal. At this point, she told me to just get a shower or whatever. As i stripped down, I noticed a bruise on the back/side of my thigh about the size of a small dinner plate that had not been there the day before. (Now that 2 weird things had happened in a day, I was freaking out.) I went on with my day however..I began not feeling well. That night it turns out, I began running a fever of around 101.8. This REALLY started bothering me, as well as my parents, so we called our OS, and he said he couldn't explain it. He said to take tylenol for the fever and if it broke 102 then go to the ER. Discontinue PT for the time being and RICE it as I had been doing. Well as of last night, I still have a 101.2-7 fever, still have the bruise, and I am oozing the blackish-purple blood on and off, nothing seems to be helping much, and nothing seems to be getting better. My parents are about to call the doctor again or go to the office monday. I am frusterated, feel like crap, and honestly kind of freaked out (especially with the doctor's lack of knowing what it could be). Does anyone have any idea what it could be, encouragement, or similar stories/advice about what to do. Thanks so much.

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Re: Weird Stuff Happening...kinda freaking out
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2011, 11:19:22 PM »
I would go to the ER and get a second opinion if I were you. I see it has been awhile since you posted so I hope you did get this checked out by someone else.

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Re: Weird Stuff Happening...kinda freaking out
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2011, 11:38:39 PM »

This young man had posted another thread, and he did update there a while ago.  He had a hematoma underneath his incision.  It was drained, and he was taken care of!  He has not posted since.  I am hoping he is now doing OK!

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