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Author Topic: hip joint replacement , acetabulum tip fracture , foot drop, sciatic nerve palsy  (Read 749 times)

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i faced an accident on 23rd june 2011

I have a left foot drop. I had a hip displacement and acetabulum tip fracture surgery and woke up not being able to feel my foot or calf 

I can now feel the bottom of my foot, it is very sensitive to touch though. My toes and feet feel like they are on fire, all of the time and I have spasms that hit me it is just so painful!

What does this all mean? When will the pain subside? I am going out of my mind, not being able to alleviate the pain and not being able to function.

I was told that  the sciatica  was contused which then caused "damage" to the  nerve.  I can move my  foot to the side but cannot curl my toes or bring my foot up. I have a hard plastic splint that makes the pain worse.  I use a walker . I have had an EMG  and NCV done  I am taking duloxitene and Gabapentin. I don't sleep.

If anyone can offer any suggestions I would very much appreciate it!