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Author Topic: Emergency surgery???? Please help! :(  (Read 1212 times)

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Emergency surgery???? Please help! :(
« on: July 29, 2011, 09:49:34 PM »
On June 29 I injured my knee doing squats at he gym.  The next day it was so swollen I had no knee cap.  Since then I have been to several doctors, finally got an orthopedic appointment.  He examined me, said it is a torn meniscus and scheduled me for emergency surgery this coming week.  He then sent me for an MRI which revealed instead of a common tear, a meniscocapsular separation, 1.5 cm in length.  He now is telling me he may not do surgery and that PT may be the answer.

I have an appointment with the ortho monday to go over the MRI and findings and decide surgery or no surgery.  What bothers me is that the orth said on the phone "I thought it was going to be a simple repair, and this is not so simple so I may not want to do surgery." 

I am wondering if this type of injury is most commonly treated with surgery or not?  It seems my ortho now does not want me to have surgery, but the problem is I have been resting the knee for over a month and the pain and range of motion has only gotten worse.  I want to make the right decision for the injury and I only have until Monday to educate myself.  Please help!!! :-\ :-\