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Author Topic: ACL Reconstruction, Right leg & Meniscus removal  (Read 10905 times)

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ACL Reconstruction, Right leg & Meniscus removal
« on: July 28, 2011, 04:20:01 PM »
Here's my story..

Approximately 10 years ago as a teenager, I loved playing basketball during which I tore a ligament. Had a MRI scan and was told I'd need to have an operation at some point to fix this rupture. With intense physio this became manageable and so I carried on for years thereafter without any trouble.

Throughout the years, the pain was unbearable at times, I'd be out dancing and my knee would lock out of place, sitting down, standing up or simply even walking. The time has to come at some point in my life where I have my knee operated on but I daren't.

In between I continued sports, tennis, running, spinning - loved it! However, everytime I trained I was impacting my muscles and the ligaments even more so this was not a good way forward.

2 months ago, sitting in the office in a meeting and as I stood up my knee locked out of place and inflamed and I was then unable to straighten it. This really scared me and I started researching online for surgeons, hospitals and everything else I could possibly think of. It was such a scary point in my life as I never thought the time would come but I finally knew it had.

After intense research, I found a consultant, Mr Jonathan Lavelle, Wellington Knee Unit - what a surgeon, he knew what was wrong within minutes of seeing me, he was such an amazing doctor who totally made me feel at ease. Immediately advised me of my options and was extremely professional and had a wealth of knowledge.

So, I book myself in for 28th June, the day arrived and I am being told my hamstring grafts will be used to replace ligaments and full meniscus removal - there was no going back. I knew I had my friends and family besisdes me and in this hope I ploughed through. The first week was the hardest, however, my friends, family and more credit to my phsiotherapist who had given me hope and helped me see through to the next day.

Weeks 2 - 4 are full of intense exercises, followed physio religiously and went every other day. I exercised three times a day and at my 4th week I am walking fully, without braces or crutches. It is simply amazing. What's more amazing is that I can fully extend and bend my knee (this is something I was never able to do proeperly). Anyone having this surgery, I would strongly advise reading the 'negative' blogs on ACL recons, please concentrate on rehab exercises, ensure you have the right menta/emotional support and you too will get through it.

If you have any specific questions, please do let me know as I am now in my 4th week and would be happy to help :-)

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Re: ACL Reconstruction, Right leg & Meniscus removal
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2012, 05:44:29 AM »
David-  Did you have microfracture surgery along with the ACL reconstruct?  Going in for ACL reconstruct in about a month... and surgeon is recommending microfracture as well... wondering if you have experience with it to share.