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Author Topic: Broken Knee cap? Or not?  (Read 11115 times)

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Broken Knee cap? Or not?
« on: July 25, 2011, 02:08:09 PM »
Sorry if I look a bit disorganized in the following, it's early morning and I'm having scary thoughts as to my future.

 Let me introduce myself for a second. My name is Alex and I'm a 17 year old living with my parents in southern California, my plan has always been to try to get into a good college and if that didn't work out and I was left with only community college I would enlist in the Marines. Well college isn't looking so great anymore and I have been looking more and more into enlisting when this happened.
(This is my right leg that I hurt)
  At a goodbye party for a close friend in an clubhouse I was running around trying to find another friend when I was suddenly tripped up. One of my friends decided it would be funny to trip me while I was sprinting full speed into a staircase, I landed knee first of course into the edge of the 3rd step. I jumped back up and shook it off and walked to the kitchen to examine my injuries, the top of my knee cap was swollen and it looked like a pingpong ball was implanted underneath. I put it on ice for about  an hour and continued my night.

Now here's the wierd part that I don't understand. When I hit the staircase there was pain but it wasn't anything I would classify as severe, it felt like a bruised shoulder. For the next week or two every time I went to bed, sleeping on my stomach, my knees would touch the bed and my right one felt like it was bruised everytime so I would move pressure off of it. Now being the third week I feel no abnormal pain when moving my leg in anyway but it does hurt a bit more when I bump into something. Now the reason I am concerned is that when i feel my knee cap I can definitely feel a "crack" in 2 different parts. The way I have been describing it to my friends is that if my kneecap was a round pie, 1/5 of it is and inch lower that the rest. Maybe like a car dent? Not sure how to explain this properly but I hope people understand what I'm saying. I'm worried that while I don't feel the pain this may be something serious that could affect my near future, the reason I havn't gone to the doctor is because the price is too high for my parents to afford right now in the case that this isn't something serious.

If I am just over reacting and this is really a minor injury I am sorry to have made you read all that for nothing.

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Re: Broken Knee cap? Or not?
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2011, 02:35:05 PM »
Is there swelling - seems to be prettu much par for the course with a fracture?

Can you not even go to the ER for an X-ray?  It is best to get it checked out - you don't want to be left with an injury like that which doesn't heal or heals badly and causes you future issues, especially given your career ambitions.

It may be nothing, but it maybe something - if not a francture, you may have bruised the bone (nasty but does heal in time).  Try to ice as much as you can - if you are not sure how to do this safely, ask (never put the ice directly next to the skin without wrapping it in something like a cloth or towel and do not leave for more than 10-15 minutes)

Good luck :)
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Re: Broken Knee cap? Or not?
« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2011, 04:55:35 AM »
Hi Alex-
I might have a thought on this.  Last March I did a four point landing thru a doorway into a restaurant.  Yes it was St Patrick's day.  Anyway I was able to get up and it hurt but not crazy hurt so pretty much felt I was lucky and would get away with a bruised knee.  It did not hurt when I walked at all but I could not touch a certain spot.  Couldn't even have  clothes press on it.  Minimal bruising.  Well this went on for three weeks with no improvement so I was beginning to get nervous since this is my good knee.  I thought maybe I chipped a bone?  Ended up going to my OS to get it checked.  He asked where it hurt and I actually was having trouble finding the spot.  Felt a little stupid so he asked does it hurt there and pushed it with his finger.  Yikes.  Yup that's the spot.  He took an xray and it looked ok but sent me for an MRI since it was still painful 3 weeks out.  He said usually a broken kneecap will produce a large bruise because they tend to bleed a lot.  Did yours bruise?  Well the MRi showed I have Bipartite patella.  This is where your knee cap does not fuse together at birth like it should.  He said sometimes a fall can irritate the fibrous tissue that holds the two parts together and can take a while to feel better.  Sometimes they even have to remove that section if it doesn't resolve.  I'm wondering if this is what you might be feeling in your knee when you describe this gap.  It's just a thought. It is still sensitive but is better that it was after all these months but it never hurt at all when I was walking.  Does any of this sound familiar? Hope you are able to find the answer and it is nothing serious.
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