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Author Topic: specialist advice - London?  (Read 1002 times)

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specialist advice - London?
« on: July 29, 2011, 07:35:32 PM »
Hi. I'm looking for a good knee specialist in or around London, UK. Bit of history: I first dislocated my left knee age 14 and again age 26. Both times through falling awkwardly. After the last dislocation I'd say my right knee never fully recovered. It's painful going up/down stairs/hills, and when I try to exercise more than usual, it swells up. It creaks when I move it from bent to straight. The issues in my left knee mean I lean on my right side, which probably won't help my right knee long term!

I went to a knee 'specialist' in 2007 aged 28. He told me (after x ray) that there was nothing wrong with my knee and I should just lose weight. Which is near on impossible without taking exercise which aggrevates my knee. I'm also hypothyroid to boot. Anyway, recently carting heavy luggage around London has aggrevated my knee again, and now every mis-step results in a swollen knee. I can barely walk, certainly not far or fast. I am trying now to find some decent advice/treatment and would be grateful for any suggestions of helpful doctors!

Thanks for reading!  :)

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Re: specialist advice - London?
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2011, 07:59:23 PM »
I see Glyn Evans at the London Knee Clinic. He does my six monthly Euflexxa injections. I know there are others on here who have seen him. I can't comment on his surgical skills but as a doctor I found him approachable, informative and helpful. Might be worth checking him out. An initial private consultation with him is around 200. There are others on here who have seen doctors around London too, I am sure there will be more suggestions. Are you looking to fund a consult or seek NHS referral?

Good luck

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Re: specialist advice - London?
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2011, 08:51:24 PM »
I have been treated by two knee surgeons within the M25 - privately, but they both have NHS practices - one in Sutton, Surrey, one in Bushey/Stanmore, Herts.  Happy to supply details if either location is even vaguely useful  :)

Also have a look in here for specialists in the London area

Might also be worth asking your GP for a referral for a second opinion - mine recommended OS #1 to me, and he is excellent (second surgeon was nothing to do with the abilities of the first, but due to my insurers)

Good luck :)
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