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Author Topic: back again! other knee needs TKR now  (Read 637 times)

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back again! other knee needs TKR now
« on: July 20, 2011, 03:41:59 PM »
Here we go again!

This forum was a God-send in 2008.

3 years and 8 months after right TKR, the left needs doing. Scheduled for 10th August. All the old fears are back, as it took me ages to get over the post-op pain.
Now I teach exercise classes again, but the cartilege is shot, my leg is shortened and bowed...and it's time to get on and do it.

My big question is this...I react very badly to Morphine (as well as synthetic morphine - Tramadol.)

I will get Pethidine post-op, but what comes next, once I'm home?  I can take Co- Codomol, but is there anything stronger? I'm dreading this pain, so any advice appreciated.

Dancing Girl