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« on: November 22, 2003, 01:13:01 AM »
 I wrote prior to my surgery with concern of controlling post-op pain because I can't take oral pain meds for stomach reasons.I'm happy to report that this wasn't nearly as painful as my first scoping.I was sent home with Ultram took 3 doses found out I'm alergic to it dc it than used otc Tylenol plus a cryo cast.The cryo cast is wonderful in helping to keep swelling under control plus help with pain.I was able to bare a little weight the first day and only used a walker for two days.With my first surgery it was the 5-6 days before I attempted to bare any weight and couldn't hardly stand it.My Dr. said the 2nd time around isn't as painful as a general rule.I'm amazed at the difference.He found that I don't have a tear in my menicus but had a defect( an indentation) plus the arthritis is worse.The reason my knee locks is I have bone aganst bone in areas now.He cleaned up what he could.Replacement is the next step.I plan to write another post about TKR.As for this surgery I've recovered nicely but really don't feel any relief from the arthritis.